Fossil Fuels Represent 84.7% of Global Energy Consumption – Report

Fossil Fuels Represent 84.7% of Global Energy Consumption – Report

In the past decade, there has been a breakthrough in renewable energy development. Still, fossil fuels are used more on a global scale when it comes to energy consumption.

Report Reveals Countries That Produce More Natural Gas, Coal and Oil

911 Metallurgist, a mineral processing company, got some data from different sources to come up with the list of countries that produce the most natural gas, coal and oil.

According to the report, when it comes to oil production, the United States leads the world. In the list, China also falls among the top 5 oil producers in the world. It is shocking because it comes before middle eastern countries except for Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to natural gas, the United States also led the pack here. Some of the top countries here include China, Canada, and Norway.

Coal production was led by china which holds 46% of the total coal production in 2018. In the top ten list, Germany is mentioned despite being one of the greenest countries in the world.

The United States takes the first place when it comes to total fossil fuel production in the world. It isn’t surprising as the country already leads in both natural gas and oil production. Russia takes the second spot and Iran comes in third in the list.

This list may be shocking since the Middle Eastern countries didn’t dominate the top ten list. Another shock may be the presence of countries like China, Canada, Australia and Norway. Norway’s place in the list is more shocking as it only made the top ten in natural gas production and somehow, it is among the top producers of fossil fuels in general.


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