Trump Won’t Exempt Apple’s Mac Pro Parts From China Tariffs

Trump Won’t Exempt Apple’s Mac Pro Parts From China Tariffs

If the Trump administration escalates its trade war with China Apple would like to avoid paying additional tariffs. President Donald Trump refused that, CNN reported.

Trump tweeted that he will refuse to exempt the company from paying tariffs on parts for the new Mac Pro, which Apple will reportedly assemble in China. Final assembly of the current version of the Mac Pro takes place in Texas.

After meeting with Chinese officials at the G20 last month, the Trump administration agreed to indefinitely postpone plans for additional tariffs.

Before that The White House has proposed a possible 25% tariff on $300 billion in Chinese goods not already subject to tariffs. The tariff would apply to a wide range of products, including laptops, video game consoles, battery cases and other products.

Tech companies say the tariff would increase costs for consumers or harm their abilities to make a profit.

However tech companies are concerned that the trade truce could fall apart, and the Trump administration will use more tariffs as leverage over China. That’s why more than half a dozen companies have asked the American president Administration to exempt the products they produce.

In public filings commenting on the Trump administration’s tariff escalation proposal, Apple, Dell Technologies, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo asked that their products be excluded from the list of goods the tariff would apply to.

The Consumer Technology Association submitted a letter asking the government to develop a process for companies to request that their goods be excluded from the tariff; the trade group argued that increasing tariffs is the wrong way to improve the US-China trade relationship.





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